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Girmont Val d'Ajol

Girmont-Val-d'Ajol (491 m - 803 m)

The pretty village of Girmont sits on a high mesa. It is dedicated to green tourism, and proud to protect the environment.



The story of this atypical village is closely linked to the history of Val d’Ajol, and is also associated with the story of the Lady Canonesses and Monks of Herival priory. In 1869, for administrative and financial reasons, an imperial decree established the village of Girmont, and by 1870, the inhabitants had built a new, closer church. 

Girmont Val D'Ajol - Etang


The town and its outskirts encompass more than 20 scattered neighborhoods, with views of nature’s multifaceted beauties. These include the natural watershed region, Spring of Combeaute, streams, waterfalls, peat bogs, vestiges of an old water mill, fountains, many ponds, memorial crosses, and a system of national, local and private forests. Conifers and broad-leafed trees present a changing seasonal color palette from spring through autumn, and songbirds enhance outdoor activity, from daffodil time through mushroom season.

Girmont Val D'Ajol - Marché d'été

Clubs and associations

Since 1996, a summer night market has been held every Friday evening from the end of June to the end of August. Varied themes are reflected annually, and the market brings an estimated 25,000 people to the area, revitalizing local businesses, producers and restaurants.
The "International Old Engines Exhibition" also brings many visitors to the area. This very original exhibition takes place over a two-day period each May. Activities particularly geared for children take place all year, thanks to a local association, the "Agir Mon Enfant". Summer brings walks, provided by volunteers every Wednesday at 6:00 pm, and two-hour guided rides offer additional entertainment to summer vacationers.
The area offers a variety of outdoor activities for a leisurely and relaxing vacation. Hikes, mountain biking on waymarked paths, horseback riding, microlighting/ultralighting, and dancing in the traditional dance hall are popular pastimes for visitors. Cross-country skiing and snowshoe hikes make winter a great time to visit.

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Three innowners offer hospitality and local cuisine, especially “Andouille du Val'd'Ajol” sausage and the delicious smoked meats which are the area’s specialties.

Berries, particularly the local blueberry "Bluets des Vosges", along with the products associated with it (alcohols, jams, syrups, jellies, and cakes) are features at the evening summer market. "Bluet des Vosges" is a kind of Canadian blueberry, that has become a local speciality of Girmont-Val-d'Ajol. Honey and other fresh regional products are available at many market stalls as well.



A variety of housing options are available for visitors on a temporary or long term basis. Such options as holiday cottages, furnished flats, apartment or suburban hotels, chalets, and guest houses welcome those seeking peace, tradition and country atmosphere. Girmont-Val-d’Ajol is a village worth seeing any time of year !!!