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Le Val-d'Ajol

Le Val d'Ajol

Val-d'Ajol ( 337 m - 687 m)

This green rural holiday resort is situated at the southern end of the Vosges and Lorraine. The Val-d’Ajol offers its visitors a lush green surrounding of 7,280 hectares. Its 4,600 inhabitants are divided between the industrial center and the residential village, including about sixty hamlets.

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The story of The Val-d’Ajol began in the eighteenth century and is linked to the chapter of the Lady Canonesses from Remiremont and the Monks of the Priory of Herival. A walk through the town reveals other vestiges of the past, such as the 145 crosses marking the municipality’s territory, and three historic monuments.

Le Val D'Ajol - Point de vue


A vast forest covering 3,640 hectares shapes the landscape, where the contrast of conifers and broad-leaved trees offers a changing seasonal color palette, from soft green to deep bronze. In spring the blossoming cherry trees present a visual and aromatic delight.

Visitors appreciate the natural harmony, pleasantly fresh undergrowth, peaceful ponds, bubbling brooks and waterfalls, and the magnificence of natural panoramas.


Clubs and associations

Year round activities abound in the area thanks to an abundance of social activities.

Nature lovers will enjoy pedestrian walks, mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, picnic areas, the two-star campsite, swimming pool, tennis, petanque, fishing and climbing.

At an altitude of 350 to 800 meters, Le Val-d’Ajol is a pleasant health resort where vacationers can enjoy year round activities, natural surroundings, and a warm and friendly welcome!

Andouilles du Val D'Ajol


A gastronomic association, the "Docte, Insigne et Gourmande Confrérie des Taste-Andouilles et Gandoyaux du Val-d'Ajol" promotes this local specialty, and holds its annual meeting on the 3rd Monday of February, during the Fair of Andouilles. This association is among one of the 100 quality labels known as “Site Remarquable du Goût” and honored in France by the National Council of the Arts of Cooking.

All who appreciate fine food will enjoy the local culinary specialties including quiches, hotpots, smoked meats, pies made from wild or cultivated blueberries, and of course the famous "Andouille du Val-d’Ajol" sausage.