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Places to go

Source de la Combeauté

This spring begins at the fountain located near the hostel between the Croisette and Herivaux.

La Fontaine des Belges

The Vikings came to this area to find and harvest timber. The local people were not sure of their origin, but knew they were from northern regions. That is why they were called “Belgians.”

Grand étang de Corfaing

The old reservoir  is the largest private lake in the municipality of Girmont, although within the town itself, there are many smaller private ponds.

Etang du Villerain

This pond was dug in 1480 to supply water to the local mill and sawmill. It was once owned by the Herivaux monks, but is now a supplier of water for the Community of Municipalities of 3 Rivers, and for residents and tourists.

 You can find fishing opportunities by visiting the page dedicated to the Etang du Villerain.

 Le Chalet de l'Empereur

Located near the house of the Breuil forest, a charming one-story cottage was built during the Second Empire in 1852-1870, and was the location of frequent parties and country gatherings of the emperor Napoleon IIIand his retinue. The original cottage later burned down, and was replaced by the little cabin you see today. The stone table inside is, however, original..

La cascade du Géhard

You will find these bubbling falls in a narrow gorge lined with steep rock by continuing on the road from the Chalet of the Emperor.  This cascade is one of the most beautiful in the region, displaying “potholes,” rounded or funnel-shaped indentations, carved into the rock by the continuous flood of the water.

La cascade de Faymont

This feature is located above the Faymont sawmill. It cascades down the virtual staircase of Gehard rocks, at the back of a small reservoir which reflects the balsam fir, and faces the valley. In July, wild blueberries called “myrtilles” cling to the hillside waiting for greedy visitors!!

La Fontaine de Stanislas à Plombières

Conquered by its charm, this became the place of inspiration to Stanislas Leszcynski, and also for Hector Berlioz, composer of the opera “Les Troyens.” It is still a must for nature lovers.

Le chateau des fées à Plombières

This is an enchanting place in the forest where the remains of an unknown construction exist, noticeable only because of the obviously cut stones. Legend has it that the fairies had one night to build their castle, and when the coming of dawn surprised them, they abandoned their project. The rough octagonal enclosure is the only evidence of this mysterious legend.

L'Abbaye d'Hérival

Religious life began in this place around 1080 with the creation of a monastery which disappeared after the French Revolution  in 1789. We can still see the guest house of the Priory of Herivaux .

La "Feuillée Dorothé"

This beautiful place offers a breathtaking panorama of the Val-d’Ajol. It has been a popular site for residents enjoying hydrotherapy since 1827, and Napoleon III himself was very fond of it. He would visit it after listening to the playing of “Dorothy the Spruce of the Vosges,” hence its name.